2021 · 17. October 2021
Saturday saw this Super Simplex arrive at Evergreens, a new purchase by a club member. After a general look-over a steaming took place all seemed in order and several laps of the track were undertaken.

2021 · 11. October 2021
Further infrastructure development. Track work for carriage sheds.

2021 · 04. October 2021
On the Gauge 1, Garden Railway, a particularly nicely made and good looking girder bridge has been built by one of the clubs members.

2021 · 27. September 2021
A most enjoyable day with the first ever Scarecrow Special, fun all round and dressing up. There was a grand line-up of scarecrows, very nicely attired. The tombola is always popular with some good prizes. Lots of interest with the Gauge 1 Garden Railway. The Food Station supplying food and drink had additional help from 'Betty Butty' (scarecrow). The day ran smoothly, three engines running on the 5" gauge, and four engines on the 7.25" gauge.

2021 · 21. September 2021
Track testing a tram and a tich, both built by club members. Enjoying the sunshine.

2021 · 29. August 2021
Light sunshine and loco's seems a nice combination .....and that is just how those attending the Evergreens August Open Day felt too. A good day with several engines hauling passengers. A few photos below but unfortunately not showing all engines that ran on the day.

2021 · 24. August 2021
A Stanier Class 5, 4-6-0, commonly known as a 'Black Five', this is no. 45441. Newly acquired, and here having it's first ever run at Evergreens. Some necessary 'tweaks' with the owner hoping it will then be hauling passengers on the August open day which is fast approaching. ***Update***This 'Black 5' WILL be running on open day of August 28th 2021 ... excellent!

2021 · 23. August 2021
Painting is one thing that there seems a lot of to do at Evergreens .... 7 1/4" gauge sleepers; 5" gauge wooden bases; 5" gauge rails; fencing; signs, picnic benches; partitions; coaches ....

2021 · 15. August 2021
A diesel shunter trying out the gauge 1 garden railway track.

2021 · 09. August 2021
On this day a member's new build of a 7.25" gauge Tich engine steamed up and went out on a track for the very first time. It first had to pass hydraulic and steam tests. A nail-biting time for the builder/owner but he should not have worried for it passed with flying colours.

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