Workings of a Mon, Tues, Weds in October 2022

Some of the members are putting in extra days this week.

They work to enable the running and enjoying of the railway.

Very much appreciate the hard work you put in, thank you.

The laying down/building of the Santa's Grotto platform.

The grotto is in the new position.

Next the grotto builder and his assistant will be finishing it off with the roof etc.

Our 'lady that does' and boy just what a lot she does do!  Here she is getting rid of the heap of dead branches and prunings, once again tidying up the site.  She just kept on until it was all cleared.  Thank you.

 A big thank you to George for these two fabulous owl boxes.

Will need to decide where the best position will be to place them.


Fence panels placed next to the ticket office.


Fence panels made and ready to be put into place along the Santa's Grotto platform edge.