2021 · 30. June 2021
Thanks to visitor Johnathon James for these photographs of the June 2021 open day. A good turnout of members and visitors for the clubs second public running day of the year, covid allowed. With family members or 'covid bubble' only per coach.
2021 · 21. June 2021
It was thought a good idea to have a memorial garden at Dawn Bank where members can go to have moments of reflection. Now constructed, it has a bench on which plagues remembering members who have passed away can be attached. This way they remain part of Evergreens, where they enjoyed happy moments and spent time helping the club.

2021 · 31. May 2021
After the awfulness of COVID .... Saturday 29th May 2021 saw a fantastic first day back to opening up to the public. Glorious weather, lots of trains and lots of happy passengers. A very big thank you to all the 'Evergreens' volunteers who helped , and an even bigger thank you to all the lovely people who turned up for rides. A really great day - lets do it all again next month. Lovely photo taken by Graham, thanks.
2021 · 18. May 2021
Looking East from the turntable and showing how the 7 1/4" gauge engines will get to the mainline.

2021 · 03. May 2021
It was really good to see an engine out on the rails, with this member and his railmotor on the 5" track.
2021 · 01. April 2021
With COVID regulations minded one member worked on installing the turntable

2021 · 11. February 2021
Thank you to Kevin Bennett for these pics of Evergreens in the snow. (Taken on 10/02/2021). Sorry that l do not have anything to report on about the railway at present Members are all staying home as the dreadful COVID-19 dictates us to do. If COVID-19 is eradicated, or at least, we find we have decreased its grip on the world, then the lock-downs along with the vaccinations will have been worthwhile. We are all looking forward to Spring, and when allowed, to getting back on site at Dawn Bank.