January 2020

January 2020 · 10. January 2020
The plan showing what Evergreens is aiming for with the different gauges. RED shows the raised 5" gauge. BLUE shows the ground level 7 1/4" gauge. YELLOW shows the Gauge 1.
January 2020 · 05. January 2020
A new decade, and something new for Evergreens Miniature Railway. - A blog - Hopefully photographs with a few words, but to show what is going on at the Railway's home of Dawn Bank. The new year started with 'Frostbite' (the name given to the members informal gatherings on new years day). 'Frostbite' was attended by 31 people, memberships were renewed, and the Class 20 had several runs with various members at the controls. The day was dry and not too cold. Many conversations with hot drinks and...