Blog · 04. June 2023
On a 7 1/4" gauge coach there was a test for compressed air leaks and fixing broken connector, and then a function check of brakes. Also another 7 1/4" gauge coach was being cleaned and painted. Outisde painting of The Sidings. The round garden weeded and dug over. Work done on extending the 7 1/4" gauge outer track.
Blog · 29. May 2023
It is not very often you see Paddington and Winnie together!

Blog · 21. May 2023
Donations of plants are always welcome. The two gardening ladies putting the latest donation into place. A lot of weeding being done too.
Blog · 14. May 2023
Evergreens has been given some broken roof tiles. Will be used to make a roadway.

Blog · 06. May 2023
A handful of Evergreens members had a play day. Two locos on the 5" raised track. Thank you for the photos to B Burrell
Blog · 30. April 2023
There were 7 trains on the 7 1/4" gauge and 3 on the 5" gauge. A lovely Spring sunshine day. Photos supplied by S Morley

Blog · 26. April 2023
On Wednesday's some of the members go to Dawn Bank to do chores. Always something to be done. At this time of the year the grass cutting,and gardening features quite highly on the to do list. We are all looking forward to the open to the public day on Saturday. Thank you S Morley for the pics
Blog · 23. April 2023
This week saw a cage/compound built for if we have gas cylinders to store. Cutting of grass when weather permits. The Annual General Meeting took place.

Blog · 16. April 2023
More sections of fencing have been put together.
Blog · 09. April 2023
A really nice start to the season of running trains for the public, the weather was pleasant and sunny. The Easter Bunny greeted everyone and handed out Easter eggs to the children. Really good to see all the locos out on the two tracks giving rides, and lots of smiling faces In the course of the day there were five locos running on the 5" raised track and also five locos on the 7 1/4" track. Thank you S Morley and P King for the photos

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