Blog · 21. May 2022
Some lovely Teddy Bears are getting ready to come along to Evergreens for the picnic day on 28th May. *** Water supply been extended to 5" gauge track, a temporary measure until storage tanks are in place. *** The 7 1/4" gauge's water tower has been cleaned and painted, and is now ready for installation. *** More picnic benches have been mended and made sturdy. *** Some coaches of both 5" and 7 1/4" gauges have been cleaned down and painted. *** The Sidings (our porta-cabin shelter/club room)...

Blog · 08. May 2022
So very good to be able to hold birthday parties at Evergreens again, and Saturday saw two birthday celebrations. A young man of 5 years of age had his birthday party with us. Smiles and laughter from all those attending with parents saying they would visit again on an open day. 'Edmund' and 'Bertie' did the honours on the 7 1/4" inch gauge track, with 'Bertie' having a birthday special headboard. And on the 5" gauge track there was Class 31 (Brush Type 2, a 'Toffee Apple') with two coaches...

Blog · 01. May 2022
The weather was lovely again as was the sound of childrens laughter and train whistles. A big "thank you" to Jo and David Hurley for bringing along to display their marvellous steam paddle boat 'Firecrest'. She's a beauty. Also "thank you" to Colin Parker for bringing his 7 1/4 inch gauge petrol hydra-static for a run with us. Lots of trains running and happy customers, a nice day. (Thank you to Kevin Auger and Kevin Bennett for photographs).

Blog · 17. April 2022
The first open day of the year 2022 (Easter Saturday) and the children had to spot where a small bunny was hiding, then to find the slightly bigger Easter Bunny to say where it was in order to gain their free chocolate Easter egg. Everyone had to keep a look out for Mr Fox because he was either scaring the bunny away or trying to get the Easter eggs for himself. In the finish Mr Fox was persuaded that it would be a lot more fun to have a drive of one of the locos, and the Easter Bunny had rides...

Blog · 11. April 2022
Saturday 9th April saw several members meeting up at Dawn Bank. A handful of engines ran on the rails, hot drinks and food were consumed and the sun shone. The newly installed off-loading traverser was brought into use for the first time and a big success. Adam from the Peterborough Society of Model Engineers was invited to join us and he drove his Polly 1 'Emily' on the 5" rails. Adam brought along his wife, and his 18 month old daughter with him, and she delighted us all. It was good to see...

Blog · 04. April 2022
Experimental track switch. To operate signals we need to detect trains passing certain sections of track. Kev B tried using, at the end of last season, some ultra-sonic sensors to detect trains. This works fine, but needs a lot of setting up and is expensive. So Kev B has reverted back to using micro switches housed in a 3D printed box. The housing is in two parts, first part stays screwed to the sleeper. The second part, containing the switch, can be removed to allow us to test different...

Blog · 29. March 2022
Work continues on connecting up the rails that link the preparation and steaming bays to the turntable. This will allow access to both the ground level 7.25" guage track and the raised 5" gauge track. Louis (the doggy in wheelbarrow) is often on site and likes to keep an eye on what is being done.

Blog · 20. March 2022
2022 AGM was held yesterday (Saturday 19th March). We all sat outside and grateful it did not rain.

Blog · 13. March 2022
A big THANK YOU to Melton Mowbray & District Model Engineers Society for their hospitality. A few of the Evergreens members went off to their club at Whissendine to play. 'Bertie' and 'JJ' (two Evergreens member owned engines) had several runs around their newly extended track, which has been very nicely thought out. Melton have a good set up. They are a friendly group of people at the Melton Mowbray club, they made us most welcome sharing their track for the day. They supplied us with...

Blog · 13. March 2022
Fantastic. A major achievement. The opportunity was grabbed with the weather being spot on to dig out, position, level up, and concrete into place the base for the off-loading traverser.

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