Blog · 18. February 2024
Evergreens were given a wooden loco. After taking it apart and much sanding down, priming and repainting, it has also been given metal rods and cylinders.
Blog · 11. February 2024
Panels of fresh fencing put in place.

Blog · 05. February 2024
Tending to the privet that surrounds the Gauge 1 track.
Blog · 29. January 2024
While the two ladies have been busy trimming the hedgerow a robin has kept them company. Every now and again he would burst into song.

Blog · 21. January 2024
Valiant volunteers (braving the cold conditions) continued trimming the hedge and also the trees along the driveway. The tree and hedge debris being controllably burnt off in a stillage. Dead leaves also were put to the fire. Enjoyed tea, coffee and yummy homemade cake.
Blog · 14. January 2024
This week saw a good progression of trimming up the car park hedge. The straggly branches being burnt. It was a bit chilly so now and again warmth from the fire was good. Dead leaves are being raked up and burnt too Overhanging branches cut down along driveway. Work to upgrade our electricity supply to our temporary buildings has continued. The ground became dry enough this week for removal of turf and soil for the track bed of the outer loop. The turf and soil is being put to good use as a...

Blog · 07. January 2024
The ground at Evergreens is still very wet but we can still find something to be done. Photo shows two lady members tidying and trimming the car park hedge. Whilst another member helped clearing the debris. Preparations have been made to upgrade the electricity supply to our temporary buildings. Some of the 7 1/4 inch gauge trackbed has been marked out ready for turf and soil removal when ground conditions allow. Leaf debris has been removed from a dyke at the North end of the field, to assist...
Blog · 02. January 2024
All the rain we have had has made the site very soggy and meant outside jobs have been curtailed. But some work behind the scenes has been done. For instance one couple have made an A board advertising the fact that you can book the railway for your birthday party.

Blog · 10. December 2023
Evergreens had traditional Christmas Meal this year at The Eaves, Little Steeping. It was so good we all agreed to book it again for next year.
Blog · 03. December 2023
A train on its way to Santa's grotto. The day was frosty, very cold and foggy but our visitors were warm in festive spirit.

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