July 2020 · 02. August 2020
Level crossings need necessary warnings, these signs will house the flashing lights.
June 2020 · 24. June 2020
The awful Covid-19 restricted just what could be done of course but once the go-ahead to be able to drive for exercise was given, a few members started to go along to Dawn Bank. With less than a handful of members on site each time they all made sure to keep big distances away from each other if they were not from the same household. Grass cutting continued. Our lady member makes a very neat job of it.
March 2020 · 16. March 2020
Evergreens kindly had help with the use of a roller. Flattened down the rubble that has gone down for the public car park. Thank you. PLEASE NOTE - It may not be possible to keep the blog going because of the situation we all find ourselves in with Covid-19 pandemic. Worrying and uncertain times. Evergreens members look with hope when all of our countries can once again become sociable places.
March 2020 · 12. March 2020
Now the second line through the station is complete, a temporary manual operating lever is being set up for the points. It will have coloured light signals. Some shuttering was made for the concrete bases of a traverser. Brick pathway completed between The Sidings and the Food Station.
March 2020 · 01. March 2020
One member has created a logo for the club with a railway totem.
February 2020 · 24. February 2020
Rubble collected and brought to the site by a member. The club has also been given some rubble, so thank you very much. The rubble is going down for the public car parking area. With rain continuing to fall through these Winter weeks thoughts are on putting in more 'grips' for drainage.
February 2020 · 20. February 2020
For a number of years now E.M.R. has attended a local Model Show in February. There are always a good variety of models on display, and it is good to meet people and let them know all about the club. 'Hats off' to Glyn and Fiona the organisers of the show, with proceeds going to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. We are told that next year's show will be on the 21st of February and held at the Haven High Academy in Boston.
February 2020 · 09. February 2020
Members continue with erecting of fencing. Lots of fencing done, more to do.
February 2020 · 02. February 2020
Two men in the sunshine with the works wagon which helps move items from here to there.
January 2020 · 26. January 2020
There will be a total of 15 electric light signals when the whole of the new 7 1/4" gauge track is completed.

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