2021 · 01. April 2021
With COVID regulations minded one member worked on installing the turntable
2021 · 11. February 2021
Thank you to Kevin Bennett for these pics of Evergreens in the snow. (Taken on 10/02/2021). Sorry that l do not have anything to report on about the railway at present Members are all staying home as the dreadful COVID-19 dictates us to do. If COVID-19 is eradicated, or at least, we find we have decreased its grip on the world, then the lock-downs along with the vaccinations will have been worthwhile. We are all looking forward to Spring, and when allowed, to getting back on site at Dawn Bank.

2020 · 29. November 2020
The Gauge 1 track now has it's own sign. Very nice it is too.
2020 · 02. November 2020
Saturday 24th October 2020 and it was so very very good to see a loco out on the 5" gauge raised track. A nice little session with the owner putting the steam loco through it's paces.

2020 · 22. October 2020
Preparing the footings for the outer ring of the turntable.
2020 · 11. October 2020
The center pivot has been concreted in place for the 7.25" turntable.

2020 · 21. September 2020
Measuring up for the 5" gauge steaming bays /yard infrastructure.
2020 · 06. September 2020
This is the porta-cabin which members use for shelter whilst working on the railway which looks so good now it has been repainted. Even been given a smart 'totem' name sign stating it's name 'The Sidings'. It is temporary because when funds and work force allows Evergreens will have a brick building.

2020 · 17. August 2020
With work on the traverser completed a test to see how it worked was asked for .... no loco's but smoothly moved these three members across to the 5" gauge track.
2020 · 02. August 2020
Level crossings need necessary warnings, these signs will house the flashing lights.

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