2021 · 29. August 2021
Light sunshine and loco's seems a nice combination .....and that is just how those attending the Evergreens August Open Day felt too. A good day with several engines hauling passengers. A few photos below but unfortunately not showing all engines that ran on the day.
2021 · 24. August 2021
A Stanier Class 5, 4-6-0, commonly known as a 'Black Five', this is no. 45441. Newly acquired, and here having it's first ever run at Evergreens. Some necessary 'tweaks' with the owner hoping it will then be hauling passengers on the August open day which is fast approaching. ***Update***This 'Black 5' WILL be running on open day of August 28th 2021 ... excellent!

2021 · 23. August 2021
Painting is one thing that there seems a lot of to do at Evergreens .... 7 1/4" gauge sleepers; 5" gauge wooden bases; 5" gauge rails; fencing; signs, picnic benches; partitions; coaches ....
2021 · 15. August 2021
A diesel shunter trying out the gauge 1 garden railway track.

2021 · 09. August 2021
On this day a member's new build of a 7.25" gauge Tich engine steamed up and went out on a track for the very first time. It first had to pass hydraulic and steam tests. A nail-biting time for the builder/owner but he should not have worried for it passed with flying colours.
2021 · 04. August 2021
Evergreens welcomed three visiting engines to run on the rails. Happy to say that although the weather was forecast to be rain it turned out to be a fine and sunny day. A most enjoyable day for visiting engine owners, the general public and members alike. Thanks go to Steve Morley for these photographs.

2021 · 28. July 2021
Our main lady gardener, Ann, has recently passed away leaving a lasting legacy. When our new site came into being she set to tidying up and planting right away. Ann will be fondly remembered, and her ashes have been laid to rest in her favourite patches of garden she tended to. This is 'Ann's Shed' which has been given two good coats of wood stain paint.
2021 · 28. July 2021
On the left is the Virgin type locomotive named 'Maureen' in remembrance to the lady that would help out in anyway she could, but particularly remembered for manning the entrance gate on an open day, possibly she would be knitting, but always cheery. Maureen was Santa's number one helper. A friend to everyone, missed, not forgotten. Members with the club's 5" gauge locomotive on the right.

2021 · 27. July 2021
Chris and Rosie Woolston are fuchsia growing and showing champions, winning 'Best in Show' over many years. They have very kindly given us some wonderful plants and we look forward to seeing them thrive and bloom. So 'Thank you' for the fuchsia plants Chris & Rosie. Chris and Rosie are also well known in the miniature railway/model engineering world for they have run their engines at several other clubs besides their own Society of Melton Mowbray. They have also been visiting railways all...
2021 · 30. June 2021
Thanks to visitor Johnathon James for these photographs of the June 2021 open day. A good turnout of members and visitors for the clubs second public running day of the year, covid allowed. With family members or 'covid bubble' only per coach.

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