Blog · 16. June 2024
On Wednesday our signalling wizard was busy fitting his part finished signals that he is constructing, to see if he needs to make any adjustments. Gardening and cutting of grass was also being done. Well done you Evergreens people.
Blog · 09. June 2024
A good week for Evergreens. On Wednesday the club was lucky to benefit from volunteers from Co-Op and the YMCA. A big thank you to them. Then on Sunday the portable track was taken to the Friskney Show.

Blog · 02. June 2024
With the fine weather jobs are being able to be done. Able to do some gardening and strimming of long grasses.
Blog · 26. May 2024
May Open Day saw teddy bears visit. Some had picnics, some helped drive the locos. Thank you to those that brought their own teddy bears. A nice time had by both teddy bears and people.

Blog · 19. May 2024
The Sweet William undertook a successful boiler test and it was good to see the Feldbahn out on the track. All being well both locos will be running at next Saturdays open day.
Blog · 06. May 2024
Our volunteers have been busy with electrical work, gardening, track maintenance, constructing steaming bays, grass cutting, fence painting and painting of some track supports for our proposed 3.5 inch gauge track. One of our members had his locomotive boiler tested by our inspectors and after the loco had passed its test the owner kindly gave tuition to one of the members who recently joined the club, so that he could have a drive of the loco around the track. Our new member really enjoyed his...

Blog · 29. April 2024
Hooray! Our first Open Day of this year went very well. It was cold but everyone wrapped up well and enjoyed riding behind the trains. Glad to say there was a good turn out of members locos running on both the 5" and 7 1/4" gauge tracks. Thank you to Simon who visited again, and ran his loco. A thank you to the classic cars that were brought to display on the field, yes, thank you for braving the cold! The cars are always good to see, and a variety of models were on show.
Blog · 21. April 2024
The first stage of a signal gantry has been intalled on the 7 1/4" gauge track.

Blog · 14. April 2024
Hooray, and at last, had some dry weather, even the sun making an appearance. Several members made an appearance too and jobs undertaken were grass cutting, strimming, site clearance, fence erecting, gardening and a hydraulic and steam test on a 7 1/4" loco. It was so good to see locos running on the tracks. The 5" Hymek had a satisfactory test on the rails and so did the 7 1/4" Feldbahn after it passed the boiler test. These two locos will be new (to Evergreens) to ride behind on open days.
Blog · 18. March 2024
Improvements to both of the platforms continued together with hedge trimming and signal planning. One member made a start on an electronic survey of the site which will be very helpful to us going forward. Now less than two weeks to go for the first open day of this year, March 30th.

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