Locomotives you might see at Evergreens Miniature Railway

'BERTIE' - (formerly KLR No. 1)

Bertie was built in around 1997/8 by the very prolific builder Eric Walker.

He had decided to build a 7 1/4" gauge garden railway and the first loco he built was this 0-4-0 'Romulus' design.

His railway was named 'Kirton Light Railway', so his first loco was KLR No. 1.  He went on to build many more loco's.

Although renamed Bertie, it still carries the original 'No. 1'.

Very easy to drive and very popular with both visitors and members of EMR. 

Bertie was a frequent visitor when the club was based at Stickney and now the owner resides in Lincolnshire has become a regular runner on open days at Dawn Bank.

(Member owned)


'BOND' - 2007

Built in 2007 and named 'BOND' through having 007 (Author Ian Fleming's James Bond character number) in the loco's number.

It is a freelance build of a diesel shunter, with a petrol hydraulic drive, powered by a Honda engine and in 7 1/4" gauge.

Has a wheel arrangement of 0-6-0.  A heavy and capable loco that has seen a lot of miles.

It was driven at most of the Evergreens open days when the club was stationed at Stickney, but as yet has not been run at the new site 'Dawn Bank'.

(Member owned).


'MAUREEN' - (named after the owner's late wife).

A 5" gauge 'Virgin train'.

Powered with a Sinclair C5 motor.

The owner fitted a new drive chain and updated the electrics.

It was stripped down to the wood and parts replaced.

Then repainted by Roger Thompson.

A nice tribute and remembrance to Maureen who people will know from welcoming them at the gate/entrance. She was always happy to help in any way she could but particularly remembered for being 'Santa's' number 1 assistant.

(Member owned)


A 5" gauge King Arthur Class 4-6-0 locomotive, which will be 20 years old in 2020, and painted in Southern Railway livery colours.

Modelled on the Southern Railways N15 King Arthur Class

4-6-0 tender locomotives, these coupled up with 8 wheeled bogie tenders allowed for longer journeys for bigger water capacity meant stopping less often.   A close look-alike to the Southern Railways Express Loco's.


Sir Arfan-Arfa was a kit build, with 18 monthly kits, but, half way through the build the company supplying the kits went into liquidation.

This meant the loco had almost a tender and a rolling loco chassis; really just a half a King Arthur loco! but this determined the name choice of Sir Arfan-Arfa.

(Member owned).




This Is a 5 inch gauge battery operated model of a British Railways Western Region Diesel Hydraulic Hymek.

It belongs to one of our members and is a regular loco at Evergreens Open Days.

The loco was purchased as a part made kit in 2006 and the owner has added many details.

The locos never carried nameplates but this one carries the name Sandy, Western Belle to honour the owners wife who, like the owner originates from the West Country.

The loco is powered by 4 x 150 watt motors driven by 2 x 12 volt batteries wired together in series and connected to a controller which regulates the motors via a handset.

(Member owned)