PUBLIC RUNNING DAYS 2021.   Saturdays 10:30 am to 4 pm on :-

July 31st   ***   August 28th   ***   September 25th  ***  October 30th (Halloween)

December 4th (SANTA SPECIAL)


Prices for entry to the railway are as follows -

 £3 per person.  £10 per family

Family classed as -

2 adults + 2 children


1 adult + 3 children

COVID restrictions have been eased somewhat, but we all must stay safe and that means observing the - Face, Space & Hands routines.

EMR will have in place some rules to be 'COVID compliant'.

This involves 'track & trace' contact details when you enter the site

with a QR code also available.

We will try to make the process as quick and easy as we can.

Hand sanitisers will be readily available around the site and we encourage the use of.

The train coaches will have to be wiped down between passenger riding, this will slow down the turnaround of trains.

Around the 'Food Station' we will ask you to stay 'socially distanced', this area will be sign posted.

There will be sprays and/or wipes in place for the tables and chairs near to

the 'Food Station'.

No need to pre-book.

We can now accept payments by card.

There will inevitably be queues so we ask for your patience, understanding, and help in making it a fun and happy day, and for many great days to come at the railway.