Open Day - June 2021


Thanks to visitor Johnathon James for these photographs of the June 2021 open day. 

A good turnout of members and visitors for the clubs second public running day of the year, covid allowed.   With family members or 'covid bubble' only per coach.


7 1/4" gauge 'Buzz' heading into the station. 

7 1/4" gauge 'Buzz', based on a battery powered shunting engine, out on the track.

5" gauge battery electric powered 'Rosie'.

5" gauge 'Rosie' worked well and pulled many happy passengers.

5" gauge 'Rosie' out on the raised track.

7 1/4" gauge Class 20 stood in the sidings.

7 1/4" gauge Romulus based 'Bertie' out on the track.

'Bertie' coming out of the 7 1/4" gauge station.

'Bertie' being driven by the loco's owner.