Easter Saturday 16.04.2022

The first open day of the year 2022 (Easter Saturday) and the children had to spot where a small bunny was hiding, then to find the slightly bigger Easter Bunny to say where it was in order to gain their free chocolate Easter egg.  Everyone had to keep a look out for Mr Fox because he was either scaring the bunny away or trying to get the Easter eggs for himself.

In the finish Mr Fox was persuaded that it would be a lot more fun to have a drive of one of the locos, and the Easter Bunny had rides on the trains too. 


(Thank you to Steve Morley and Barry Burrell for photographs.)


There were 5 locos running on the 5" gauge and 6 locos running on the 7.25" track.

Unfortunately not all the locomotives that were running on the day are shown here. But here are some of them captured in an all too brief 5 minutes or so.


On the Gauge 1, Garden Railway there were some truly superb engines on show.  Real beauties, all admired.  They await their tickets (steam boiler certification) .... cannot wait to see them in action.


While the youngsters were busy looking for Easter Bunny, other people either rode trains or sat and relaxed at the picnic benches and tables.  A beautiful 'just' right' weather day.