w/e 8th May 2022

So very good to be able to hold birthday parties at Evergreens again, and Saturday saw two birthday celebrations.

A young man of 5 years of age had his birthday party with us.   Smiles and laughter from all those attending with parents saying they would visit again on an open day. 

'Edmund' and 'Bertie' did the honours on the 7 1/4" inch gauge track, with 'Bertie' having a birthday special headboard.  And on the 5" gauge track there was Class 31 (Brush Type 2, a 'Toffee Apple') with two coaches (which meant a guard was on duty).

Earlier in the week two picnic benches had been repaired and painted, which was a good job done because the children had their party food sat upon these benches.


Then in the afternoon a small belated birthday celebration for one of the club members.  Photo shows him with his birthday cake just before he blew out his candles.


The beginnings of the revamp of the 5" gauge station.