Teddy Bears & Steampunks

Teddy Bears and Steampunks quite a combination.  A most pleasant day. 

Thank you to F.L.O.S.S. (Fenwold League of Splendid Steampunks) for being in attendance, some interesting exhibits and distinguished clothing. 

A big "thank you" for visiting and running on the Evergreens rails to

Trevor (7 1/4" gauge Black-Hawthorn) and

Adam (5" gauge Ride on Railways Trojan and Polly 1).

The teddy bears had picnics, played tennis and quoits, one was bird watching, one was on a swing in the trees, and some rode on the trains.

There were four trains on the 5" track and nine on the 7 /4" track.


 (May 2022 Open Day thanks go to B. Burrell, K. Auger, K. Coombes & Capt. N. T. Skirmish for the photographs).