w/e 24/07/2022



A fantastic 'welcome' sign has been produced by our sign-writing member.

The general public will see this from the car park and will walk underneath it to get to the ticket office.




This signal-box was originally from the site at Stickney.

It needs to be replaced because there are lots of rotten areas to the wood, and at some stage a new one is planned to be built.

But, in the meantime, a great job has been done with the sanding down and painting of it, looks far better than it did.




Santas Grotto is having a change of position.  Here we see the base laid out for the floor of the new Santas Grotto.  



Fencing alongside the 5" gauge track has been erected and paint stained with preservative.



This water tower has been in place a little while now.  It was also originally from the Stickney site. 

It had to have a thorough clean inside and out, was then painted, a tarpulin top made for it.

All plumbed in, it is supplied with rainwater collected from the roof of The Sidings (the club's porta-cabin shelter/mess room).