w/e 18/09/2022



The railway had a visit from the Narrow Gauge Railway Society group.

A very nice headboard was placed upon 'Bertie' as you can see from the photo.

The weather was nice and the group seemed happy and interested in all they saw.  They enjoyed rides behind 'Bertie', 'Edmund' and the club's 5" Saturn locomotive.

They thought that Evergreens had worked hard and well in accomplishing what we have to this stage, and expressed they would like to come back again to see when future plans have come into fruition.

Thank you for the visit N.G.R.S. it was our pleasure to welcome you to Evergreens.



As always the two main gardening ladies have been busy.  First they weeded and tidied up the bank by the roadside entrance, they then put fresh wood chippings down and now they have included a garden bed next to the public entrance gate.  Vey nice too.