w/e 11/06/2023

A busy week for some of the Evergreens members.  They worked hard and achieved a lot.

And on Saturday the railway hosted a birthday party for a local family.  A good time had by all.

Work to lay track on the outer circuit continues.

An approximate cost of £180 per six metre length, any donations to further this progect would be gratefully received.

At the North end of the field a soak-away has been put in to alleviate the problems we have with standing water at times of exceptional rainfall, particularly in the winter.

Another area that is prone to standing water in wet periods had a drainage pipe installed through it and into the dyke.

Then an adjacent area was grass seeded.   Now rain is needed for the grass to germinate!

Using old telegraph poles it was decided to make a soil retaning embankment/cutting in preparation for the outer circuit of track to pass by.

Attatching an owl box to a telegraph pole, a hole was dug and then, it was lifted up into position.  Hopefully a barn owl or a kestrel will like the looks of it and have it as a new home.

Mowing, weeding and burning of weeds.

Thank you for some of the photos goes to S. Morley