w/e 14/01/2024

This week saw a good progression of trimming up the car park hedge.  The straggly branches being burnt.  It was a bit chilly so now and again warmth from the fire was good.

Dead leaves are being raked up and burnt too

Overhanging branches cut down along driveway.

Work to upgrade our electricity supply to our temporary buildings has continued.

The ground became dry enough this week for removal of turf and soil for the track bed of the outer loop.  The turf and soil is being put to good use as a retainer for the stone roadway that was laid last summer.

Plans to replace the signal box are moving on.  Approx dimensions for the box have been noted and a lever frame is being constructed for the inner workings.

The Sidings/mess room had a sweep out. 

A Christmas tree with roots has been planted next to grotto, lets hope it likes the soil and grows strong.

The pergola had been torn apart in a storm over the Christmas period, so this got cleared away from the 7 1/4 inch gauge track.

Tea and biscuits partaken.

As you can see in just a few hours so much can be achieved at Dawn Bank, if you only have a few hours to spare we would love ro see you, as they say....many hands make light work .... and the drinks and natter are enjoyable.