w/e 18/02/2024

Evergreens were given a wooden loco.  After taking it apart and much sanding down, priming and repainting, it has also been given metal rods and cylinders. 

Some of our members have built a bug hotel.  A little more work on it and it will be ready to  welcome guests.

A barn owl has been seen we believe it is taking up residence in the the owl box.

Evergreens have been given an old mower.  It is being refurbished ready to go on display.

The second photo shows the wooden roller (nicely modelled by one of our members).

The trimmed back hedge of the members car park.

Cute little teddy bears have been knitted ready for the 'Teddy Bears Picnic' open day in May.


Saturday whilst it was dry but wet underfoot we took the opportunity to start laying slabs to extend the 7 1/4" gauge station platform.

Over night rain of Saturday to Sunday has meant pools of water once again.  Fed up of the rain, it will not let us get on with certain jobs. It is keeping the ground waterlogged.

The third photo shows the drainage pipe that was put in last Summer doing it's job.  What would the ground be like without it?!